SuperRead 2: 911: Call Me If You Can

A well deserved 1st place was earned by Episode author Lark Noah this week with her story 911:Call Me If You Can! Congratulations! To all you thriller-addicts, don't pass this story by, it's awesome!
ReviewAuthor: Lark Noah Description: “My name is Michael Clayton. And I was kidnapped.” What will you do? Each choice matters. Save his life. Or kill him.
Ok, so Himawari’s been saving the day in this great thriller full of life or death decisions (ok, I admit that I may have made some more…foolish decisions from time to time). You’re free to design your own character and then you start playing as a 911-dispatcher. You get a call from someone called Michael Clayton and this call turns your whole life upside down! Not only is Michael kidnapped and the call untraceable, the kidnapper even seems to know pretty much everything about you, including your mobile phone number. Being stalked and given assignments by the kidnapper, will you be able to save Michael and catch the culprit?


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